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MRCC believes that missions is vital, and that it is our responsibility to support our missionaries. Here is a list of the missionaries we support. Remember to pray for them as we know from their visits to our church that prayer is the thing they covet most:

Stephen & Debra Alsup Asia Pacific facebook
Alan & Michelle Ambrose Austria facebook
Rod & Sherry Boyd Panama Website
Kara Cusic Siberia Blog
Amy DeWitt Russia/Siberia
David & Beth Grant Eurasia AG Website
Jeff & Pam Gregory Spain AG Website
David & Sherry Harrison Intercultural Ministries
Michael & Dawn Marie Helin Austria Website
Glen & Dana Johnsen Continental Theological Seminary Website
Alan & Lynette Johnson Thailand Website
Keith & Mary Kidwell AGWM Administrator AG Website
Steve & Linda Long Global University
Matt & Debbie Mann Botswana AG Website
Craig & Dana Mathison Spain Website
Mike & Denise Mills Uruguay facebook
Doug & Tasha Meyers Etheopia AG Website
Christopher & Heidi Ness Etheopia
Mike & Kari Ness Democratic Republic of Congo facebook
Jennifer Razey Sensitive
Max & Sylvia Rivera Latin America Carribean Website
Mark & Sunny Rodli Thailand facebook
Steven Shoop Latin America Carribean Website
Weston & Allison Stover Mozambique AG Website
John & Korie Taylor Indonesia AG Website
Bruce & Bonita Thomas Mexico AG Website
Nancy Valnes Global AIDS Partnership AG Website
John & Beth Wilson Russia/Eurasia Website


Macusani Orphanage

MRCC has a long-term relationship with the Mosoq Runa orphanage (Quechua for “New Person”) in Macusani, Peru, run by the Catholic Sisters of the Cross. We support them, pray for them, and send missions teams down to both assist them, and minister to them in any way we can. Click below to learn more about the orphanage;

Mosoq Runa Orphanage

World Vision Microloan Program

One in every five people in the world lives on less than $1.25 a day. Many of those are hardworking people. For example, mothers who want to provide for their children. They want to get out of poverty. Many have great business ideas, but no capital to get started. So they come to us. They learn about us and how we can serve them. We help them get ready to do business.

This is where you come in. You choose an entrepreneur. Read their story and their business idea. Fund all or part of their loan. They start or expand their business. They receive business training based on ethical principles and smart strategies.

They earn money to feed their children, send them to school and save money for the future. Then you sit back and watch. And then the loan is repaid. Your original tax-deductible donation gets recycled. And another entrepreneur from the same country receives a loan. Click below to learn how you can become a part of the Microloan program, you would be surprised to see how far even small donations can go!

Microloan Program

Child Sponsorship

We encourage all believers to be involved in child sponsorship. If you are interested, here are some legitimate options:

Walk In the Light International
Compassion International
International Children’s Network
World Vision

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